Producers Visit, Day 4

Day 4


In Carcassonne, the producers stayed in the beautiful Hôtel de la Cité located in the very heart of the citadel. In the morning, they followed their guide through the palace and its intricate fortifications.

Canal du Midi

At lunch, the producers were given the opportunity to appreciate the peace and quiet of the countryside while cruising on the Canal du Midi on a luxurious barge. The barge’s crew treated them to a gourmet lunch while crossing 3 of the canal’s locks.


In Albi, the producers had an appointment with the towns’ Mayor and were treated to personalised t-shirts by the company Kapitales. They visited the impressive Sainte-Cécile cathedral, the gardens of the Berbie Palace and the banks of the river Tarn. In the evening, they were joined by Xavier Legris, Line Producer at 1789 Films, for dinner at the Hôtel Alchimy.