Producers Visit, Day 2

Day 2

Pont du Gard

At the Pont du Gard, the producers were warmly welcomed by the site’s organisers and were invited to lunch at Les Terrasses restaurant, a stunning point of view from which to see the whole aqueduct.


In Nîmes, the tourist office offered the producers a tour of two of the major Roman sites of the town: the arena (the 7th largest in the world) still used today for concerts and shows and the ‘Maison Carrée’ classical temple. They also strolled along the picturesque limestone-paved streets of the town centre.


In Sète, the producers enjoyed a panoramic view over the town, the lidos and the sea from the top of the Mont St Clair, visited an open air theatre overlooking the sea and walked along the canals. In the evening, a meeting was organised with Valérie Lépine-Karnik, CEO at Film France and Xavier Roy, Line Producer at Froggie Production. Valérie presented the Tax Rebate for International Production (TRIP) and Xavier brought his expertise in terms of foreign film shoots in France.